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Learn martial arts with expert guidance at Kyushindo Karate – Highgate's premier martial arts club since 1965.

Unlock your potential with Kyushindo Karate

Kyushindo Karate is a dynamic, relatively modern martial art that originated in the UK during the mid-20th century. Kyushindo Karate takes influences from traditional Japanese styles of martial arts such as Shotokan and includes some elements of Chinese-style martial arts such as Bagua. Kyushindo Karate techniques are based on economy of movement, footwork, timing and precision in order to concentrate the body's power at the point of impact. As well as direct techniques, Kyushindo Karate also incorporates some circular and flowing movements.

Our teaching philosophy is based on the fundamentals of karate: Kihon (core techniques or basics that build a strong foundation), Bunkai (practical application of techniques), Kata (forms or set sequences of movements) and Kumite (partner drills and sparring). 

Kyushindo Karate is taught by our team of fully qualified instructors in a welcoming and safe environment. We are dedicated to helping our students develop confidence and fitness through the study of traditional martial arts, self-protection and self-defence skills. Our classes are suitable for adults. Beginners are welcome to join us for a free introductory lesson. 

Our club prides itself on providing quality martial arts instruction since 1965. We maintain our standards through personalised attention and interaction with students. All of our instructors have 20 plus years of karate experience.

The Highgate club is affiliated to the Kyushindo Martial Arts Association.

Train with our team of experienced instructors and discover the power within you


Kyushindo Karate classes provide a full-body workout, helping students improve physical strength, flexibility, agility and overall fitness. Get in shape while learning martial arts.


Our classes empower students to build confidence, cultivate discipline, develop focus and mental resilience through setting and achieving personal goals.


Students are taught practical, effective, essential and dynamic self-protection and self-defence strategies and skills than can be applied in real life scenarios.

Karate classes
Every Tuesday and Thursday 20.00-21.30
Please arrive approx 10 mins early to change into karate gi

Lessons begin with warming-up, stretches, fitness and strength conditioning exercises. Techniques relevant to the grades of students in attendance are taught. These include strikes, kicks, defensive blocks, footwork and various combinations. Students will then typically participate in a range of techniques that will vary from lesson to lesson: partner drills, striking of pads and kick shields, sparring, katas, throws, break-falls, rolls, locks, holds and releases, the study of self-protection and self-defence strategies and techniques. 

Beginner karate classes
Every Tuesday and Thursday 20.00-21.30
Please arrive approx 10 mins early

Lessons begin with warming-up, stretches, fitness and strength conditioning exercises. Prospective students are introduced to the fundamental principles and techniques of Kyushindo karate up to yellow belt grade level. They will learn basic strikes, kicks, defensive blocks and footwork. Prospective students will then participate in partner drills, striking of pads and kick shields and will be introduced to self-protection and self-defence strategies and techniques.  


£ 9 per lesson
  • 1 class


£ 64 per month
  • 8 classes


£ 7 per lesson
  • 1 class


£ 48 per month
  • 8 classes


No prior experience is necessary. Most members started training at Kyushindo karate without any knowledge of martial arts. Our dedicated team of instructors tailor classes to the required levels of students. As students progress through the Kyushindo syllabus they undertake gradings and are awarded coloured belts. 

You don't need to be fit to start Kyushindo karate lessons though members are required to be in good general health. Our classes will help you increase your flexibility, stamina and strength.

Students are taught a wide range of techniques that include punches, kicks, chops, blocks, elbows, knee strikes and various open and closed hand strikes. Training drills include the practice of techniques in different combinations. Striking pads, kick shields and focus mitts are used to enhance training and to develop focus, range and power. Students are taught sparring with and without gloves and pads. Kyushindo karate is mainly a stand-up martial art, though students are taught break falls, rolls and throws. Footwork and avoidance are integral to Kyushindo karate. Lessons include the tuition of effective, practical techniques and advice to enable students to stay safe outside of the dojo (training hall).

No, students are not required to pay a joining fee.

Kyushindo Karate is taught as a martial art, not as a competitive sport. It is a practical style with a wide range of techniques, many of which can be applied in real-life situations where self-defence techniques might be required as a last resort.

At the moment our classes are for adults. 

Please contact us by phone, email or complete our online form to arrange an introductory lesson.

Loose fitting clothing such as a T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms are suitable for initial lessons. To continue training, students will be required to wear a karate kit.

Find us at Jacksons Lane arts centre in the heart of north London

  • Tube: Highgate
  • Buses: 43, 134, 263