Train for fitness confidence self-defence

Kyushindo karate at Jacksons Lane: for fitness, confidence and self-defence   

Fulfil your goals for 2023

Kyushindo karate classes for 2023 begin on Tuesday 3 January at Jacksons Lane, the flagship arts and cultural centre, based in Highgate, north London. 

If you are looking to improve fitness, acquire new skills, build confidence and learn techniques that can be applied in self-defence situations, join us for a free karate trial lesson.

Our karate system is based on traditional martial arts and is taught in a welcoming and positive environment.

Each member of our team of qualified instructors has more than 20 years of karate experience.

Lessons are suitable for adults of all levels.

Beginners will be introduced to basic karate techniques such as strikes with hands, kicks, defensive covers and blocks, footwork and various self-protection and avoidance strategies. 

Classes are held in Studio 4 at Jacksons Lane (directly opposite Highgate Tube station) every Tuesday and Thursday at 20.00-21.30

To get going with a new challenge to fulfil your goals for 2023, contact us for a free introductory lesson. 

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  • Tube: Highgate
  • Buses: 43, 134, 263