COVID-19 UPDATE: Guidelines for classes at Kyushindo Karate Highgate
13 April 2022

As of 1 April we are in the UK government's 'Living with respiratory infections, including Covid-19' phase of their response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Therefore there are now no coronavirus-related legal restrictions in place that affect how we train and how many people can participate in our classes. 

• UK government guidance on 'Living with respiratory infections, including Covid-19' (13 April 2022). 
• 'Keeping safe' at Jacksons Lane centre

COVID-19 UPDATE: Guidelines for classes at Kyushindo Karate Highgate
5 September 2021

Kyushindo Karate Highgate club is monitoring the COVID-19 situation and we aim to provide up-to-date guidance for our members and instructors. In line with UK government guidance for sport and physical activity facilities in England we are implementing the following protocols. 

All participants have the responsibility to NOT train or attend the dojo if they have any symptoms that may be in anyway related to COVID-19. 
If they have had contact with anyone who has, or is suspected of being infected with the COVID-19 virus they must NOT train and should follow 
current government guidelines on isolation, timescales etc.

Students must self-assess and not attend a class if they have:

  • any COVID-19 symptoms: 
    - high temperature
    - new, continuous cough
    - loss of, or change to sense of smell or taste 
  • been in contact with any confirmed/suspected COVID-19 cases; or
  • travelled internationally and returned from a country on the amber or red list as maintained by the UK Government. 

We have adapted the way we train and are implementing the following measures:  

  • Stringent hygiene is required for all participants and people attending sessions. Students and instructors will be expected to wash or sanitise their hands on arrival and after touching any communal equipment. We will provide hand sanitiser and we encourage students to bring their own. 
  • Equipment will be thoroughly disinfected before, during and after sessions. Students must not share personal equipment. 
  • Direct physical contact is not permitted between people from different households. 
  • Until further notice there will be no full-contact sparring or close partner training at classes.
  • We require contact details of all those attending classes. We will keep a register of all those in attendance.  

UK government guidance on measures for grassroots sport participants, providers and facility operators (18 August 2021). 

  • Tube: Highgate
  • Buses: 43, 134, 263